Friday, February 28, 2014

2014-First post

Well hello blogger... :) 

It's been awhile since I came here to write about my life and thoughts. I just got a time to actually read back what I used to write and flatter here. It's quite surprising me though. I just realized that basically this blog is all about that one person and it has been him since. Well guess what! He still around and he will always be around. I guess that's what I somehow called faith. I don't know, I just could not expect for more. I think this is what people been talking about, unexpected love will be the most meaningful one. Well he's the person who had hurted me while ago and he is also the person who loved me like no other man ever does. It's truly a ride and historical. Ironic but what I have now and what we are now it's really worth the pain. I hope it will continue to blossom in good way until destiny called us to be one! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time flies so fast, while things are changing

Sometimes we need a time to flashback about all the things that happened to us. It's somehow a good thing though. We could "measure" where we stand now in life, how far we have been running, and how actually strong we are to survive, and struggling with all the dramas and stories in this life. Experienced that we have gained, the people we have met. Some still remain some are perhaps gone.

We couldn't deny time. It always goes on, so does our life. And in life we sure have a path and in the path of course we are going to meet a lot of things and the most importantly people. Good or bad we are going to passed it. Those who has a great strength will survive. Those who don't will be easily fall apart.

All the decision you make in life will surely impact to our future. That's what makes your life different. That is why wise person always said " you decide, you face it, you deal with it, not others. Life isn't a choice but you choose which way you are going to lead your life.

That's why always served a place for "change" because he is the most outgoing thing ever. He could appear anytime anywhere.but still need a time to fit in. However sometime it is good to have a change in something of course to be better. Even a little.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lesson learned

You may hope for something as far as you want it.. But please make sure you still save some space for disappointment.. Because when you don't have it, it will kills you!

That's a lesson I learned for today

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Times fly so fast. It's another New year. It means, another hope, another dream, another achievement and another change.. for good of course.

2012-  It has been such a year for me. it contains dirty little secret of me. I experienced something i never had. it such a truly ride for me.

My wishes on 2013 aren't that much. Again, every year I always say i wanna be a better person well everyone does. I just want to have some change in my life. I just need more guts to step in further to pursue my dreams. and for that one person, i just hope we could find out what is actually our destiny and i hope we could face whatever will come through us.

And Finally, I just want to wish you all a very prosperous 2013, hope that you could make your dream come true.  

2012, Merci beacoup !! and Goodbyes. 

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Monday, December 24, 2012


When we are talking about destiny, we will never get to the end. People could have plan or simply list to do for their future whilst actually it has been written. Our life is a mystery that we need to figure out. Everything that had been happen are just some of the secrets which has been revealed. Human are GOD's perfect creature among the rest of living creatures in this world. HE gave us brain who can think logically and balance it with feeling who will support the thoughts. Scent of Love, that other living creatures don't have. whilst love itself could inspire many people in many different ways. We should be thankful, and appreciate whatever we have. We should use everything we have to reach our destiny to reveal the secret of our life. People we met and meet are actually our destiny as well. Never regret those bad memories, and embraced all the good ones.. But don't let destiny stop you from trying and Never wait them to be happen, make it happen instead. GOD actually gave us a will to change our destiny, and if it is good for us in the end HE will certainly approve it in HIS way. 

For those who celebrate it,
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 

Bon Nuit ;)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back In the Line

Bonjour, Bonsoir...Je vous souhiate à tous une bonne vie. :)

well, I don't know whether it's because I'm too busy with my life or it's just my life is getting bored day by day so I have nothing to share or write about... (?) hmmm... I myself couldn't answer that. so Let's just ignore.

To be honest, I saw a lot of people nearby me are making their decision to end their "lonely" days with their love ones or can we say the "chosen one" (?) or the ONE (?).. It feels so affected when you witnessed a story end with happiness even though it doesn't mean END of the story.. it still going on. but at least you know, who is the winner of  all this "game" that have been played. I wonder how it  feels to finally make that decision.. to eventually say "yes, He/She is the one I chose". It does really bother my mind right now. It makes me wonder, How if the one we want to be the last is not the same person like HE wrote for us? the fact that it could be happened actually scared me. Left me with a question. Is it real ? you can love someone else while you living together with another person?... is it real? you can love someone without having an intention to have them?.. and Could it be real? true love who never leave His/Her love and remain themselves alone until the end of the day ? Apparently, I do have a role model for that. Literally I have been living with the "evidence". I don't really know exactly the reason why she remain herself alone. Never know as well if She ever fell in love with someone or not. But yes, She is alone with no partner. Perhaps we never think about being all alone for the rest of our life, we always dream about having a little family. but who knows what comes after.

Anyway... let the mystery solve by the time. We will know in the end though. Now what we need to do is just living, dealing, observing, and learning with what ever comes through us. For sure in the end its all gonna be worth the pain, the tears, the smile, the happiness. it's just a matter of time. All we need to do now is be more patience and keep our faith about it.

Although we are actually the one who decide when is the right time, but there's no need to rush... think wisely, because this decision making is only happening once in our life time, I supposed. 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

intermezzo before Sleeping

Dear Readers,

I know I haven't been updated this Blog for quite long already. Because I am insanely busy with works and others. There are a lot of happening things happened to be honest. And yah There are many things to share but I just have no idea how to put all of them in words.

Anyway, Just find out this song by Maroon 5.. it's pretty much represent what actually happen here.
Annnndd enough for today ... I will prepare some quality piece to be written here soon..